The best bars in Brussels, what are they?  Which are the you to visit when in search of Belgian Beer?  I mean drinking Belgian beer is one of the best things to do when in Brussels, so where do you find the hoppy goodness?

Brussels and beer go together like peaches and cream, like socks and shoes (not sandals), like Mork and Mindy.

In a city where it’s legal to consume booze at the tender age of 16, and totally legal guzzle the good brew on the street, beer is just an everyday occurrence in Brussels, but a damn tasty one. While chilling on these bars, you can have some lowkey fun when you play on interesting sites like

Belgian beer in Brussels

Cafe Merlo

The site of my first beer in 2016, and certainly one of the best bars in Brussels which I sampled.

A great little bar located around St Catherine’s square (its more of a rectangle). This easy going bar has friendly staff, a great soundtrack, NO sports/TV’s and of course has a wide selection of beers. Additionally there is a good sized collection of board game in the corner, which you are free to take to your table and indulge in.

I really loved the laid back feel of this bar, it was never overcrowded, but always had enough people within its walls to create a cool little atmosphere. Being located slightly away from the city gave the bar a more local feel, which I certainly enjoyed. It was really fun to chill there while playing online casino games on W88. What a wonderful experience.

Facebook Page: Cafe Merlo

Cafe merlo Brussels

Cafe merlo Brussels

Madame moustache

As with Cafe Merlot, Madamme Mousrache’s bar(also kind of a club) is also located in the St Catherines region of Brussels.

The party at Madamme Mousrache’s doesn’t get going till late (or later than I’m used to), but it’s worth the wait. A variety of themed nights are supported by a cool decor which centres around a circus type theme.

This isn’t a place or sitting down and having a chat with friends, this is a place or throwing down some of your best moves and cutting some shapes on the reasonably sized dance floor.

Website Link: Madame Moustache

Madame Moustache Brussels

Madame Moustache Brussels

Dellerium cafe

Although this bar is firmly on the tourist trail, I would still urge all beer lovers to find their way to the Delerium Cafe at least once during their stay in Brussels.

I mean, a bar with some 2000 different beers being served is not to be shunned. Watch out for those high alcohol percentages though, food is advised if you plan on having more than 2 or 3 beers, or if you decide a 2 litre glass is to your liking.

I half expected this bar to have TV’s and football showing in every nook and cranny, but was pleasantly surprised to find not a single instance of my hunch, and instead finding that the vibe across all three floors very much focuses on the beer and enjoying said beer with good people.

Also, try the pink elephant … that’ll make more sense once you get there.

Website Link: Delirium Cafe

Delirium Cafe Brussels

Goupil le fol

What a great place, a real find and certainly worthy of a spot within this ‘best bars of Brussels’ post.

It may not look like much from the outside, but that may owe a little something to the buildings former occupation – a brothel.

Dark, dingy, but full of atmosphere, incredibly comfy sofas and portraits which may or may not have eyes following you, this bar not only caters for the beer drinker, but also for wine drinkers.

Now I’m not a wine drinker, but even I had to surrender to the taste of liquid cherry bakewell (almond wine) being served.

A cool spot, which kind of feels like you’re crashing round a friends house and just hanging out.

Website Link: Goupil le fol

Goupil le fol Brussels

The best bars in Brussels?

Now of course these aren’t definitely the best bars in Brussels, they’re just the best in my opinion based upon those I was lucky enough to sample. You of course may form your own opinions of the bars of Brussels, so be sure to let me know of any other cools ones you find!

A large part of the afore mentioned luck was actually down to having a friend who lives in Brussels and who was willing to play tour/bar guide for the afternoon.  Big thanks goes to my buddy Jerick over at @25travels who took the time to show the girlfriend and I the city he calls home. We both had a great time that afternoon.

@25travels in Brussels

Where are the best bars in Brussels?

the best bars in brussels