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So, you’ve had the story of my 3 day snowboarding trip to Innsbruck, and how I snowboarded three different resorts in 3 days – NordkettePatscherkofel and the Stubai Glacier – well now here’s the spend report.  What did it all cost?


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Innsbruck Cost Breakdown

So in sort, 3 days (not counting the day I flew home) cost me £400.  The breakdown goes a little bit like this …

created amount in amount out local_currency category description
2019-03-18T16:10:21Z 200 GBP deposit deposit
2019-03-19T10:53:00Z 42.85 GBP cash Cash withdrawal – used for some meals + drinks
2019-03-19T18:00:56Z 9.85 GBP groceries Snacks + water
2019-03-20T07:34:53Z 26.95 GBP entertainment ski pass + lift transfers
2019-03-20T11:56:32Z 27.55 GBP entertainment ski pass
2019-03-20T14:21:21Z 9.5 GBP eating_out Lunch
2019-03-20T19:23:17Z 6.82 GBP eating_out Dinner
2019-03-21T08:36:53Z 43.48 GBP entertainment ski pass
2019-03-21T14:11:53Z 4.52 GBP eating_out Lunch
2019-03-21T16:50:49Z 5.82 GBP groceries Snacks + water
Location Spend Total   177.34 GBP
Flights 144 GBP British Airways
Airbnb 78 GBP 3 nights – private room in shared accom
TOTAL   399.34 GBP

The above is effectively my Monzo statement from my trip, with the cost of flights and my Airbnb added.  Unlike previous snowboarding trips, I now tend to take all of my own equipment and so incur no rental costs, I also get free London bus travel so did not incur any costs travelling to and from Heathrow.

Could I have done it cheaper?

So could that £400 figure have been reduced at all? Yes, I dare say it could have been.  Ultimately my choice to visit 3 different resorts added up, had I only picked 2 I might have saved myself €25.  Likewise had I taken packed lunches and not had the odd beer on the slopes I might have saved some €40-50 euro … but a beer on the slopes is all part of the fun right?

Flights wise I could have used air miles to bring the costs down, but I doubt I’d have got cheaper accommodation anywhere else.  In fact I did look, and hotels were almost triple what I paid for my Airbnb.

nordkette ski pass

patcherkofel ski pass

Stubai Glacier ski pass

Money Saved

That said however, I would like to (or maybe I shouldn’t because its a bit sad) reiterate what I said it my ‘story’ post about snowboarding in Innsbruck, and that I was very well behaved come the evenings, and got my head down to do my revision, rather than head out to find some apres in town.  By doing so, I dare say I kept my spend figure considerably lower than it might have been.

Also to be taken into the consideration is the value of the free ski buses laid on in Innsbruck.  The J bus and various free resort buses are brilliant, and obviously welcome on anyones budget.

Check out this awesome PDF for details of the 18/19 ski buses.  I imagine a new webpage will be created for future seasons, but should be easy enough to find if you simply Google ‘Innsbruck free ski bus’, or something similar.

Snowboarding Innsbruck – Good Value?

So last years (2018) 4 night trip to Slovenia cost came in at £341.47, and the previous years 2 night trip to Olso totalled £379.48.

Innsbruck therefore falls somewhere in the middle, but arguably had the best (natural) snow conditions of all three, and a much much wider variety of slopes.

For the sake of the extra £20-60 I would potentially argue it is the best of the three, however the Slovenia trip did include an additional night away and Ljubljana is a lovely city to explore.

I know what I think, but will leave you to ultimately decide as to whether £400 for 3 nights in Innsbruck is worth it.

Until next year, thanks for reading.

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