East coast Oz via the Oz Experience bus

By | July 1st, 2011|Australia, Photographic Inspiration, Travel|

Much like my posts on the Kiwi Expeience, this post covers the east coast of Autralia via the Oz Experience. The Ox experience is hop on, hop off backpacker bus which transports travellers all over Australia.  I used the service to make my way from Sydney to Cairns in 2007. It has a reputation of being [...]

Australia 2009

By | January 9th, 2010|Australia, Travel, Travel Diary|

Ah, back in Sydney, my most favourite city in the world!  24 hours on a plane had actually gone quite quickly and wasn’t half as leg crushingly painful as I expected it to be.  BA were excellent!  A quick stop where Dan could have a fag was a welcome back straightener, but all in all [...]

Australia pt12 – Melbourne

By | June 12th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Ah my last blog thingy! Well, I made it back to OZ eventually, and have been in Melbourne for the last week or so. Island life in Fiji got better as it went on. New people were coming and going all the time, but the same Fijian guys were always around our village building so [...]

Australia pt11 – Airlie Beach to Cairns

By | April 5th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Morning all! So, this will be my last post from Oz for those of you that are still reading this ... mum. I'm now in Cairns (as you may have cleverly guessed from the cryptic naming of this entry). Cairns is pretty cool, not the biggest of cities, clean but bloody hot!! However, before Alexia [...]

Australia pt10 – Hervey Bay to Airlie Beach (whitsundays)

By | March 30th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Pretty fish .... ooh .... ahh. Ahoy! ... Welcome to Airlie Beach, the home of the whitsundays ... and the spelling mistake. After a hasty trip to the jetty aftr my last update i have spent a bit of time sailing on a cateraman (blatant spelling mistake) around the whitsundays, AWESOME! Our first day was [...]

Australia pt9 – Noosa to Hervey Bay (Fraiser Island)

By | March 21st, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Hello one and all, its been an awesome couple of days since my last update, I’ve managed to refrain from passing out again, which is good news! My toe is still b***** (looks like a cocktail sausage) and with 45 minutes to kill until I set sail on the Whitsunday’s I thought I’d enlighten you [...]

Australia pt8 – Brisbane to Noosa

By | March 12th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Hey! So, after Brisbane and a ridiculous amount of spelling mistakes in my last post I have stayed in and explored Noosa. I liked Noosa, we got told that there wasn’t too much to see but I enjoyed it and I think Alexia did too (she’s still around, hasn’t run off … yet). Noosa is [...]

Australia pt7 – Surfers Paradise to Brisbane

By | March 7th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

So after leaving behind surfers i jumped on the Oz bus heading for Brisbane. But before we got the Brisbane the bus stopped off so we could all have a go at Zorbing. Zorbing is probably best described as a fun human washing machine. Its basically two big inflatable balls, one inside the other. You [...]

Australia pt6 – Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise

By | February 28th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Hey! Another shortish post for you. Just spent three days in Surfers ... pretty cool place. Heard from more than a few people that it was s*** but as advised by Nick (good shout mate) had a couple of really cool days there. Yeah so it was a cool place, but my time there could [...]

Australia pt5 – Sydney to Byron Bay

By | February 26th, 2007|Australia, Travel|

Hey everyone, hows it going? Just a short (ish) post for you today. As you've probably guessed, i've now left Sydney, and this time its for good. After saying goodbye to my meal ticket (thought you'd like that mum) I boarded the OZ experience bus which will, over time get me up to Cairns. We [...]