Luna Park Melbourne was the first of five Luna Parks to set up in Australia.  Of the five, only the parks in Melbourne and Sydney remain.

First opened in December 1912, Melbourne’s Luna Park has been through somewhat of a torrid time … evident in the strained/scary looking ‘Mr Moon’ face that houses it’s entrance.  Its a bit creepy if you ask me. WWI saw the park closed for it’s duration.  Upon its reopening in 1923, the park was to suffer a fire (1981) which completely destroyed the brilliantly names ‘Giggle Palace’.  Later in that same year the River Caves were declared unsafe.  The Big Dipper was also demolished on the back a safety review following a derailment that left 20 people injured on a separate roller-coaster.  The plan was to replace the Big Dipper with a bigger, better and safer roller-coaster, but this never materialized.

Located on the shore-front in St Kilda, today Melbourne’s Luna Park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.  A whole host on new rides have been added, and continue to be added, but if visitors want to experience a bit of history they can board and ride the ‘Scenic Railway’.  Built in 1911, the Scenic Railway is the worlds oldest roller-coaster in continuous operation.

My Luna Park Experience

I was lucky enough to visit Melbourne’s Luna Park in the very last week of my gap year.  Travelling on my own and staying in a room with 3 others who were all working as vets in the city, I was left with no option to visit the park on my lonesome.  Was it fun, yes, but it would have been more fun with others and I would have helped with photographs.  What I couldn’t complain about though was the price – FREE!  Free is always a good price right?  I walked around the park, soaked up a bit of the atmosphere.  When I wanted to go on a ride or have a bite to eat I simply handed over the required cash.  It was fun and easy, a great way to spend a day and a MUST if you’re visiting St Kilda.

Opening Time and Admission

As per above the park is free to enter.  For opening times use the link below to the official website.

Luna Park Back In The Day

Whilst the Park is in full operation and the’Mr Moon’ face housing its entrance having been fully restored, it is fun to think of the Park and how it might have looked way back when it first opened.  Something like this maybe?

Or this …


When in St Kilda you’d do well to miss it!

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