So I’ve been making a bit of noise over the past couple of years around my new found love of snowboarding.  Last year I was lucky enough to fit in trips to both Slovenia and France, having travelled to Bosnia, Scotland and Bulgaria in previous years to get my snow fix.

Well, no prizes for guessing that it’s once again time to strap in and find some nice long twisty blues (or reds).

This year I’m of to Andorra, Pas de la Casa to be precise, and I have some friends along for the ride too.  Aside from fellow #skigoons Andonis (@thecounterintui) and Pete (@CompassChasers), I have some new friends in @CrystalSki who are also along for the ride, or more accurately Andonis, Pete and I are riding along with CrytalSki.

You may (or may not) remember that last year I applied to become a Crystal Ski ambassador.  This application came in the form of my blog post around being a gadget guru while on the slopes.

The long and short of it … my application was accepted and I am now a Crystal Ski ambassador for 2016. I am buzzing!

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But now that I am off to Andorra to partake in a little snowboarding, it has once again come to the point where I need to decide what is coming with me, and what makes the cut when it comes to filling up my snowboarding bag.  In truth not an awful lot has changed from my 2015 snowboarding bag, but lets break it down anyway and see how my luggage allowance is being used.





New season, new coat.

It is the same idea though i.e a lightweight waterproof with zip pockets and hood.  I actually tested this Sprayway coat when camping in the New Forest last year.  Temperatures that might got down to -2°, so I think the testing was more than sufficient.


New season, new mask.

Into the bag for this year trip does a set of Oakley Elevate Ski Goggles Ski Goggles.  My budget goggles I bought on mount Jahorina in Bosnia have served me well over the past two years, but I thought it was about time I upgraded.  The expanded lens volume for peripheral vision had me sold.  They also look quite cool which helps.

Sunglasses (prescription)

Now if only I was  confident of staying upright throughout the day, I would quite happily wear my sunnies rather than a mask.

However I am not at that level of confidence yet, and having leant a different pair of sunglasses to a friend last year while boarding and not getting them back in one piece, my prescription sunglasses are reserved purely for lunchtimes.

First Aid Kit

Amazingly I have never had an accident on the slopes (touch wood), but I am still very much accident prone!

To not take this would be infinitely stupid on my part.

Joint Supports

Like I said, injury prone.

I’m a big sports fan, and have played a multitude of sports throughout my youth and now in adulthood.  Problem is I got injured frequently and now my left arm and right leg are a little of the weak side.  My joint supports, although making me sound like an OAP, certainly help me get through a hard days boarding.


For when the joints get a bit stiff, and when I inevitably take a tumble.

This doesn’t smell too clever, but it’s good for the muscles.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver + Selfie Stick

Now we’re talking, now we’ve reached the gadgets, and what better place to start than my GoPro.

It’s a Hero 4 Silver edition, which means it has the LCD screen on the back, and I love it!

It came with me to both Valmorel and Vogel last year, and as you can see below, captured some crystal clear footage.  I’m really excited to make another video about Pas de la Casa.


My Iphone is precious, but it’ll still be in my bag come Jan 24th.

I do really like the camera on the 5S, and I often use apps like RunKeeper to track my jogging.  Obviously I wont be running on the snow, but Crystal Ski have developed an app which can track my snowboarding distances and speeds, so its well worth me having my Iphone to track my progress throughout the week.

Sony Alpha

Last year I didn’t take my ‘proper’ camera, choosing to use only my GoPro and Iphone to capture my experiences.  I was worried that I would damage my then camera (Sony Nex F3)  and potentially break the precious lens.

But then I upgraded, and got an even smaller number that if packed right should be safe.

Anker Portable Charger

The cold doesn’t half drain the batteries on my cameras quickly.  Save missing a shot, I’m going to be taking my little blue portable charger by Anker with me.  Even off the slopes this comes in really handy and can charge any number of different devices.

Important Documents

Insurance and a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) both go in the bag.

Must haves!

My snowboarding bag – All packed and ready to go!

So that’s it.  I’m all packed and ready to take on Pas de la Casa.  It’ll be my first visit to Andorra, and I’m really looking forward to being taken there by the Crystal Ski team.

With gadgets at the ready, be sure to follow along via social media.  I will of course also be doing a full write up upon my return, and making a full video, out-takes included.

See you on the slopes!

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