I’ve touched on this briefly in other airmiles related posts, but I thought it was about time I went into a touch more detail and showed you a working example.

So for a while now I’ve been shopping online as opposed to visiting stores in person and walking up to the till to pay.  One reason for this is that I’m not the biggest shopping fan (understatement!), but the main reason is because shopping online allows me to collect a % of money back against certain purchase i.e. cashback.

Getting a certain amount of cash back against any purchase is obviously nice because it kind of feels like you’re getting a discount, but rather than treat it as a discount or use that cashback to just simply buy more things, I save it up and use it in a more travel orientated way.  I convert it to airmiles via my Tesco Clubcard, and at a very favourable rate I might add.

What Do I Buy + How Much Cashback Do I Earn?

OK so here’s a few of my purchases that contributed to my recent cashback/airmiles haul.  As you can see below, the cashback earned varies from purchase to purchase, there’s is no set percentage.  Every penny helps though.


Obviously purchases don’t have to all to travel related.  Whilst I have a few holiday/flight related purchases listed above, I also got cashback from renewing the domain name for this very blog, and when I sorted my new Iphone.

If you’re buying home goods, electrical goods, clothing etc they can all contribute so long as the retailer is listed on the cashback site.

My Working Example

OK, so here’s the details of my recent cashback use which gained me a sizeable about of airmiles. Hopefully it makes sense, but if not please leave a comment below with any questions and I’ll try explain better.

The initial £50 cashback was accumulated over roughly 12 months, and I chose to convert my cashback to Avois on this occasion, rather than Virgin Altantic Flying Club miles which I have blogged about previously.

  • £50 cashback earned
  • = 5000 Tesco Clubcard points
  • 5% bonus added
  • = 5250 Tesco Clubcard points total
  • = £52.50 in Clubcard vouchers total
  • = 12,600 Avios

Tesco ‘sell’ Avios at 600 per £2.50 worth of Clubcard vouchers.  So I was able to purchase 21 lots x 600 Avios, and that comes to 12,600 Avios total.

If I had converted to Virgin Atlantic miles, I would have received 13.125 miles (21 x 625).

What Did 12,600 Avois Earn Me?

In earning 12,600 Avios, I haven’t landed on a magical figure that allows me to get free flight anywhere in the world at any time.

To redeem my newly accumulated Avios I will need to call up and enquire as to the availability of Avios redemption seats, as the seats set aside against Avios redemptions are usually limited.

I will also need to consider where I want to travel from, where I want to go and the distance between the two.  To make this point a tad clearer I have run a few examples through the Eurostar and British Airways website respectively assuming that I am leaving England either from Kings Cross St Pancras or London Heathrow.

Avios Destinations With Class Would I need to pay tax?
From 9000 Paris
Eurostar Economy N
From 9000 Prague
British Airways /
Air Lingus
Economy Y
From 15000 Barcelona British Airways Economy Y
From 20,000 New York British Airways Economy Y
From 25000 New York
Cape Town
British Airways Economy Y
From 30,000 Bangkok British Airways Economy Y
From 50,000 Sydney British Airways Economy Y

Notice that when redeeming Avios on any flight that I would still be required to pay the taxes, so the flight is not entirely ‘free’.  The Eurostar option does not require the payment of taxes though, making it an appealing option.

The above uses just 2 of my favourite carriers, but Avois can be redeemed against any on of 37 different airlines, and you don’t HAVE to redeem against flights.  There is of course the option to use Avios to upgrade.  The choice is yours once you’ve earned enough Avios … or if you haven’t earned enough, there is usually the option to pay part cash and part Avios.  Choices!

What’s the catch?

This method of collecting Avios genuinely is as easy as it sounds.  Of course there is always a slight catch, and in this case the catch is that you can only convert £50 worth of cashback into Clubcard points once every 12 months.

The bonus 5% does not contribute to that £50 though.

Easy Avios (?!)

Want a quick way to reach that £50 worth of cashback?

OK so I cannot admit to having done this myself, but I have read about it and can understand the workings behind it.

Via topcashback, join Betfair and deposit £10.  In return you get £25 worth of cashback, which can then be turned into 6000 Avios.  Anything you win via the betting via with your £10 worth of betting credit is a bonus.

In the mean time you have paid just £10 for 6000 Avios.

6000 Avios would usually cost you £111.00

Now it’s up to you if you want to take this idea any further.  I havent decided yet, as I don’t like the idea of my details being on a betting site, but you might not mind that.  Either way, it’s your decision.  I am not to be held responsible if you join a betting site for the avois points, but then getting addicted to betting and get yourself into debt.  That’s on you!


In summary, simply shop online via cashback sites!

Firstly it saves you a journey to the shops – petrol, parking, stress etc.  Then secondly it will also help you get money back on your purchases and then as a result airmiles.

To maximise this tactic, pay for any purchases using a credit card which rewards you for purchases with additional points/airmiles.

If you havent already signed up to TopCashback and fancy giving it a go, please feel free to use my referal link.  Yes I will get a little something if you do, but so too can you.  For a limited time you’ll be able to get an extra 500 Tesco Clubcard points by signing up to TopCashback using this link.

500 Clubcard points is 1200 Avios, so not to be sniffed at.

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The image used to create the ‘Feature Image’ for this post was downloaded from the British Airways media page.