The markets of Marrakech, Morocco

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I give you good price Best democratic price Cheaper than TK Maxx Lovely jubbly Best in all of Marrakech (maybe) Best in the world (unlikely) You find nowhere else (except next door) You dont have [...]

Motorbikes, Markets and Mint Tea – The cost of a weekend in Marrakech

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So you're here to find out the cost of a weekend in Marrakech.  Cool.   Magical Magnificent Mad Manic Markets (lots of) Motorbikes (tres lots of) Mint tea .... you get the idea. Sunday December [...]

A view from the top of Table Mountain

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In 2005 when I landed in Cape Town, despite having strained ankle ligaments I decided that Table Mountain would be a good idea. It wasnt the longest climb i've ever taken on, but it was [...]

SOUTH AFRICA – The Garden Route

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Once my volunteer project was over and people started heading home i decided I didn’t want to. Instead I changed my flight and booked myself on the Baz Bus to Jefferys Bay along with 4 [...]

South Africa – Volunteer football coaching

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21 and having never left my parents home for any length of time, I knew something wasn’t right.  The buzz of turning 18 and being able to go out drinking all weekend had flittered away, [...]

Volunteering – is it worth the money?

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Volunteering can be quite expensive, it looks great on your CV and promises to get you as close to living in a local community as possible, but prices can sometimes reach into the thousand’s, add [...]