• Paris

    How much does a weekend in Paris cost?

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    3 days / 2 night cruise around Halong Bay

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    Green skies over Reykjavik

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    My top 10 photos from Angkor Wat

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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Hi! I’m Neil and welcome to my wee travel blog. It all started back in 2005 with a last minute trip to South Africa. From there things have just spiralled and in 2010 I started this here very travel blog where you can find all sorts of useful info on backpacking, roadtrips, hostels, weekend breaks, volunteering … anything travel really.

Read more about me on my ‘about me‘ page.

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Spending online via cashback sites to earn airmiles

I’ve touched on this briefly in other airmiles related posts, but I thought it was about time I went into a touch more detail and showed you a working example.

So for a while now […]

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Jardin d’Acclimatation – Paris’ other amusement park

Disney is great.  No seriously, I love a good Disney movie.  I enjoyed every minute of re-watching (I saw it in the cinema too) Big Hero 6 last week, and Robin Hood remains one of my […]

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My 2x upgrades to Premium Economy for £55


In short, if you’re willing to change the way in which you pay for things, and move from using cash and debit card, to credit card, you will over time earn start to rack up […]

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Budget Travel

The cost of 2 night in Paris

Paris is an incredible city to explore on foot.

But what happens when you’re not so able to manoeuvre about on foot?  What happens when putting any weight (and I am not light) on your left […]

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The cost of 2 nights in Copenhagen

Is Copenhagen an expensive city to visit?

Yes … and no.

It is expensive to an extent, but equally there are a number of free/cheap things to see and do when in the Danish capital.  Hint, look […]

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Maximising cashback, points and airmiles from online bookings

Its rare I buy travel these days without …
a) shopping around for the best deal
b) trying to get some form of cashback
c) using a points earning credit card to pay
It is with the above in […]

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Backpacks (Travel Luggage)

Review: Numinous Anti-Theft 55L backpack

Zero backpack reviews in ages, and then 2 comes along within a month of each other.  On this occasion its the turn of the Numinous Anti-Theft 55L backpack.

Lets take a look shall we …
Key Features

Padded laptop compartment
Anti-Puncture […]

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Review: Vango Freedom 60+20L Travel Backpack

With them making up one part of my blogs title, it’s only right that on occasions I take a look at some of the latest backpacks around, and then give you guys the low down […]

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Review: Water-to-go purifcation water bottle

The Water-to-go water bottle is a safe, reusable, environmentally friendly and convenient answer to clean drinking water. Containing a unique filtration system designed by none other than NASA, water poured into the bottle will be […]

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Bunkbeds (Hostel Life)

Hostel Life: 5 dorm mates I wouldn’t wish on anyone

I can laugh about these experiences now, and I’m sure that in another place at another time, these people were great people, but as dorm mates at that exact place at that precise time they […]

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Hostel Life Dilemmas

So last year I covered dorm room dilemmas, but now, some 12 months later (sorry about the wait), I think its finally time to cover off some of the other dilemmas you may be faced […]

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Hostel Review: Clink 78 – Kings Cross, London

Staying in a hostel for the night, when I live in the same city?  … yep, guilty.  But with good reason.

So to a couple of weeks ago, where I had a party  to attend out […]

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